It’s important to me that you know the Kater4K9 story. For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kaye, I’m the brain behind KineticFlex. I’ve been involved with dogs and horses for as long as I can remember, as was my mum before me and my grandad before her.

KineticFlex was developed out of a frustration, I wanted to find a supplement that would help one of our dogs that was suffering with painful arthritis in his neck and shoulders. Whizz, our family whippet used to be a very active boy, with a huge zest for life, but as he reached his twilight years, it became more apparent that he was slowing up, his joints were not as supple and the discomfort in his neck and shoulders needed addressing. 

During my research I found that very few joint care supplements were comprehensive enough, they fell short of what I believed an excellent supplement should be, even the well advertised ones. So I made my own. I opted to use a blend of 10 pure ingredients in the supplement and the results were so outstanding I decided to try and make it available to a wider audience. My family support my dream and passion. You may often find one of my children helping me on the trade stands while my husband holds the fort at home looking after the dogs and ponies. My mum and dad also step up when there’s lots to juggle. I also have a pretty awesome design and manufacturing team who turn my ideas and wants into reality. My manufacturer is a UFAS accredited company, guaranteeing full traceability and quality of the ingredients. So every time you use KineticFlex, know it was developed out of a passion to help our four legged friends. I’m not a big company that is chasing revenue or targets, I’m part of a family run business that wants to help animals.


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Our products are not intended to replace veterinary attention or medication.