Frequently Asked Questions.

I can't find my scoop?

The scoops used for the KineticFlex are tiny, because the ingredients are so concentrated. One scoop holds 0.850g.

Because it is so small, it annoyingly finds its way to the bottom of the pot. The best way to retrieve it is by using a fork and digging around a bit.  We are hoping to address this problem, but trying to find a manufacturer of small scoops of the correct size with long handles is proving quite difficult.


Can I change from my current mobility supplement to KineticFlex 850mg straight away?

Yes you can. KineticFlex is a natural product so it is absolutely fine to switch to it after your usual supplements have finished.

My dog seems to be in pain, can KineticFlex 850mg help?

It most certainly can. Kineticflex is made up of 10 pure ingredients, 5 of which are known to help reduce pain.  We do suggest 4 weeks of initial double dosing to help with pain relief. 

Is KineticFlex 850mg good for ligaments too?

Yes.  Around 75% of a ligament is collagen, healing of these ligaments depends on getting the correct nutrients in to your dog to facilitate its production. This is where KineticFlex can help. The 250mg of Glucosamine helps build tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. It also provides a thick fluid that lubricates joints, the 15mg of vitamin C helps ensure the strength of the ligament, the 390mg of MSM is also another big player in tissue repair. If your pet has a cruciate ligament injury then KineticFlex 850mg is sure to help.

Are you UK based?

Yes, Our products are manufactured in the UK.  We use a UFAS accredited company to manufacture our products after we have developed them. They guarantee full tracability and quality of the ingredients.





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