Know your brand.


If you are feeding it to your dog, you want to know it’s good, you want everything about it to be genuine including me.

I have never and will never pay for followers, every single one of you is here by choice, I was shocked to learn that buying them was possible and wondered why people would go to such lengths, but in this media driven world, LIKES + FOLLOWERS = SALES. But did you know paying for likes is the same as buying clothes from sweatshops. Please click the following link to read about the awful conditions that these “like/click farms” expect their workers to graft in.

It is easy to spot the companies that mislead you, You very rarely see “them” they keep their face off social media, they don’t take their products to shows or events. The 1000’s of likes they got in just one day are mostly not from the products country of origin.

So, if they go to events, if you know their face, if their followers are engaged in their posts then, GREAT. You’re probably about to buy a fantastic product.

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