My puppy and joint supplements.

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

I often get asked when is it the right time to start my dog on a joint supplement.

For me the best time to start is ASAP. Let’s face it, we all know prevention is better than the cure.

Although KineticFlex is perfectly safe to use in puppies, I suggest waiting until they have finished growing, typically at about 12 months, but we all know that the rate of growth is breed and indeed dog dependent.

But what can we do to help protect a puppy’s joints?

Let’s be honest here, they jump up, they fall over their own legs, they run at a million miles an hour, some are on and off the sofa like a yo-yo, and if your anything like me, I wince a little every time they do something that impacts on their joints.

So, we need to be proactive, we need to help the body, help itself and this is where antioxidants and plant polyphenols come in.

“Oxidative stress produces reactive oxygen species (ROS) that play key roles in the development of arthritis. Metabolic reactions produce free radicals, ROS, and their derivatives. These dangerous chemicals can accumulate in the synovial joint, causing extensive structural damage, inflammation, and cell death. Antioxidants are capable of inhibiting ROS formation, scavenging free radicals, and removing ROS derivatives. Antioxidant vitamins have major roles in modulating oxidative stress, regulating immune responses, and contributing to cell differentiation. Vitamin C and plant polyphenols have the capacity to neutralize ROS in joints and decrease the oxidative stress associated with the progression of arthritis.”

Although dogs can synthesise their own Vitamin C, it is depleted at the very time they need it most, during times of stress. Stress isn’t just a mental state, but also includes stress on the body and joints. It includes things like, but not limited to racing, working, breeding, vaccinating, travel etc. So Vitamin C supplementation with Vitc-Flex is hugely important during such times, to mop up the free radicals that cause harm.

The importance of plant polyphenols simply can’t be put in to a little paragraph, but they are again super antioxidants with numerous benefits. They are an anti-inflammatory and as well as helping maintain healthy joints they also help protect against, hormone imbalances, cancers, dementia, heart disease and allergies.

Current research suggests that your dog will get the most benefit if it’s source of polyphenols is from natural origin, that’s why we only use 100% natural, plant polyphenol rich ingredients in our AvmoFlex. So, start being proactive, your puppy will thank you for it.

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