What size pot of Kineticflex should I get on subscription? 🤔

The 255g pots are for multi dog households, a pot holds 300 servings, so even if one dog has 4 capsules/scoops a day it will last 2 and a half months, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t fancy eating something that has been open that long!

The 120 capsule pots and 102g powder pots are for large dogs that take 3 or 4 capsules/scoops a day. These pots will last a month if your dog takes 4 a day or if you have two dogs that take up to two a day each.

The 60 capsule pots will last a small dog taking 1 serving a day 2 months, and a medium dog 1 month.

The shelf life of our KineticFlex is pretty good so even if you end up stocking up a little bit then you know it won’t go to waste.

Up to 10kg small dog

1 capsule or scoop.

10-25kg medium dog

2 capsules or scoops.

25-40kg large dog

3 capsules or scoops.

Over 40kgs Giant dog

4 capsules or scoops.

We recommend double dosing for the first 4 weeks, to replenish the nutraceuticals missing in the body then hopefully to see the results quicker.

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