Why does my dog eat grass?

Why does my dog eat grass?

There has long been a theory that dogs eat grass when they are unwell and want to vomit, the trouble with that theory is it’s impossible to know if the grass eating makes the dog vomit or it eats the grass purposely to vomit.

What is known for sure is that grass eating only actually makes about 25% of dogs throw up. For those that don’t, the grass comes out pretty much the same way as it goes in, so the dog gets no nutritional value from it.

Dogs most likely eat grass because they are trying to fulfil some nutritional need.

Domestic dogs, are fed either a raw diet or a commercial diet, both of which have been thoroughly researched by their respective advocates and are usually full of all the nutrients required to say it is balanced.

The one thing both of these diets tend to lack is the stomach contents of their prey.

In there they would find the grasses, herbs grains and plants that the prey would have fed off, and there are some that would argue that this is why some dogs eat grass, to try to replace what is missing from their diets.

Since trying to get hold of the stomachs of prey animals is extreme to say the least, we have the perfect solution in the form of AvmoFlex by Kater4K9.

It harnesses the power of green, and ensures your dog is getting all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omega 3 & 6 it needs.

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