A probiotic and prebiotic with amazing benefits.
This new product is high strength and fast acting.


*Reduce/eliminate bad bacteria and toxins that can cause diarrhoea.
*Can help with weight gain.
*Encourages the growth of friendly bacteria.
*Helps prevent infectious diseases of gastro intestional tract.
*Enhances the bodies immune system.
*Helps reduce wind.
*Support healthy digestion.
*Improve Coat condition.
*Improve overall health.
*Give firmer stools.
*Support digestive tract.
*Help dogs with sensitive digestion.
*Regulate blood glucose levels.

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Preproflex Monthly
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£10.39monthly/ 12 months
  • Dog Size Maintenance Dose Digestive Upset Dose
    Small dog up to 10kg  1.5g  2.5g
    Medium dog 10-25kg  2.5g  5g
    Large dog 25-40kg  3.5g  7.5g
    Giant breed over 40kg  5g  10g

    Can be added to feed or water.

    Scoop: 2.5g