Corin Says:- My extremely fussy eater little dog who struggles to stomach her worming tablets, has just had her first kater4K9 supplement with no problems at all! The supplement comes in a handy capsule that you can open and sprinkle on their food! KaterK9 have thought of every small detail and have created a superior product than any we have ever tried, we have binned so many over the years due to them not being palatable, I’m really excited to see the results in my little dogs mobility! Would highly recommend! X

Melanie Shand Clarke says:- I have never been so impressed with a product as yours, with improvements within days for my 16 1/2 Lhasa Apso!!! I give him double the dose, which has given him better mobility, increased activity, being more alert and especially with his skin and coat condition improving incredibly. He’s still a bit deaf and has difficulty seeing but it is lovely seeing him enjoying rambling around the garden again. I’m that happy with your product that I have also put two of my other Lhasa’s (aged 4 & 5) on the supplement too. 
I have from the start emptied the capsule into there food, as mine take it better this way, so I’m sure your other customers will also be happy if the supplement is provided in powder form. 

Katie Bloor says:- I have been using this product with 2 of my dogs for 3 weeks, their coats look so shiny and I am noticing a positive change in their movement.  I have just ordered my 2nd lot! A great product for supporting their joints as they grow older.

Tina Jones says:- Great advice and service from Kater4K9, I ordered late Tuesday evening and have received them this morning in Guernsey. I am giving these to my GSD who will be 8 this year not because he has a problem but to help him not have one and to remain as active as he is now.

Joanna Wilkinson says:- Our dog has cancer and arthritis. Both cause her discomfort and mean she can't exercise much. We've just started using KineticFlex and already have noticed improvements in her. The service is friendly and fast. We will be purchasing again.

Justine Volans says:- I own a 5 year old spaniel who has recently been diagnosed with a luxating patella. He doesn’t need an operation (yet) but if he does too much, he starts to hop on 3 legs and he can be grumpy with other dogs. To try to help him I bought a pot of your powder at a country fair. He’s just finished his 4 week treatment dose and I’ve really started to notice the difference in him. He now has a spring in his step most days and is much more sociable with all dogs and humans. I’m so impressed that I’ve just ordered my next pot from you. The delivery time was excellent. Thanks


Tina Jones:- I have been having sensitive tummy problems with my GSD and have tried various diets and supplements on Tuesday I ordered Preproflex after only two days of giving to my boy we have normal stools and no rumbling tummy one very happy fur mummy would highly recommend this product and will be definitely keeping him on it alongside his kineticflex thank you Kater4K9 for these amazing products. X





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